Wholesale Cumaru Decking

Awesome Durability with Even Better Looks

Cumaru is our most preferred decking product for three major reasons: Attractive looks, Superior durability; Low price.

Wholesale Cumaru Decking
Our Premium grade Cumaru Decking rivals Ipe in strength & Outshines Composite Decking Material

What you need out of hardwood decking, Cumaru provides. No other natural decking material you come across will stand toe-to-toe with ipe in terms of strength and long-term benefits. Are you building a boardwalk on the California coast and need a high traffic material that won't splinter or cause major litigation headaches? Cumaru is naturally slip resistant, and won't split or check like pressure treated materials. It also will outlast even the most expensive composite materials with natural mold and decay resistance. Of course, seeing is believing. Check out some wonderful outdoor decking project pictures that prove the point.

Wholesale Cumaru Decking Supplier
Our wholly owned and operated mills in the United States mill Ipe decking in multiple profiles.

So, what do you gain when you order Cumaru decking at wholesale prices from us?

When you buy wholesale Cumaru decking & lumber from us, you get the most competitive truckload and container pricing in the market.

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